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Top 10 Support Questions

When and how are rewards received?
Reward checks for your cause and supporters are distributed 45 days after the end of each month, provided your cause and supporters earned a minimum of $25 in contributions.
Is my personal information secure with Charity Rewards Plus (CRP)?
CRP values your privacy and security, so safeguarding your personal information is one of our top priorities. We will not sell, license, exchange or distribute any specific information about our organizations or individual participants to any third parties that are not directly involved in the CRP program. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy
Do I have to order online to earn rewards?
Yes, you have to order online to earn rewards from any of or online merchants. You can shop at any store listed in our online mall universe. To locate these merchants please visit our Mall page located in the Mall tab.
Will I earn rewards if I forget to shop online through Charity Rewards Plus?
No. To earn rewards for your favorite cause(s) or school, you must start your everyday shopping at and click through to your favorites or to the stores in the universal mall.
How are rewards calculated and recorded?
CRP automatically calculates your rewards based on each stores, catalog and online retail merchant information. Each merchant keeps an accounting of purchases made by CRP Supporters and periodically sends detailed reports of those purchases. We then incorporate this information into our reports and distribute reward checks to each of the causes or schools monthly.
When will my purchases appear in my Transaction Reports?
Your purchases will appear in your Transaction Reports only after each online merchant has reported your purchase to CRP. The amount of time it takes for a purchase to show up in your account depends on the merchant. Merchants feed in the transactions periodically, varying from daily to one every 60 days.
Why would a purchase transaction be missing from my Transaction Details?
There are several possible reasons why a purchase transaction may be missing from your transaction report. Review the reasons below to see if one of these situations may apply.
  • A contribution may not appear because it has not yet been posted to your account. The amount should appear within 8 weeks after your transaction takes place.
  • Your browser may not have cookies enabled. If you see your cause or school name at the top of when you return to the site, your cookies are enabled. If you don't have cookies enabled, your purchases will not support your cause(s) or school(s).
  • If you have joined CRP more than once, your purchases could be recorded under a different email address than the one you are using now. If you know this to be the case, please contact Customer Service and ask them to consolidate your accounts. Be sure to list all the email addresses you might have used to join.
  • Your report shows purchases with your transactions updated daily. When you make a purchase near the end of a month (i.e. around January 31, February 28, March 31, April 30) its very likely the merchant will not report them until the next month/quarter depending on how they post.
  • Purchases made before you registered will not be reflected in your account.
  • Most merchants only give contributions on the merchandise purchased, not on sales tax, shipping charges and in some cases gift certificates. Many store merchants also exclude specific merchandise from the contribution program. Check the merchant details page for specifics.
  • Travel purchases such as airline tickets and hotel stays will not appear in your report until after your trip is fulfilled.
What are the negative amounts appearing in my Transactions Report?
CRP reports all data directly from the merchants, including negative amounts. A negative may reflect a return, a portion of an order that is not eligible for the contribution, such as shipping and handling, or a partial order shipment, which will count toward your contributions after the remaining order is shipped.
I have not received a shipment from the merchant I purchased from?
The merchant manages all shipping directly and provides your shipping details via email along with your purchase confirmation/receipt details. These shipping details may not always come to you instantly, however a few hours or day later when item(s) are actually shipped. Please use the tracking and/or corresponding shipping support contact information provided in these communications to resolve any shipping questions you may have.
Do I need a user-friendly URL for my cause or school?
The use of URL is encouraged. The CRP URL provides a simpler way to remember the Web address of your cause or school profile page.