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1. Shop
Shop for everyday items from the comfort of your home or office - save time, money and gas! Next time you need anything you would typically buy online, use our online mall. Cash reward revenues come from the mall's participating merchants, not mark-up pricing - it's the merchants' way of giving back to their loyal shoppers, and their community.
2. Share
We pay rewards to you and your favorite causes. Charity Rewards Plus has partnered with merchants that want to give back. Depending upon the merchant and the merchandise, each of your purchases earns cash rewards range from 1/4% to 15% of the purchase price. This is an opportunity for you, your friends and family to shop for daily needs and make rewards a part of your everyday lives. Reward your favorite cause and yourself today!
2. Share
Your causes always earns at least 50% of the reward dollars. It is up to you! You can opt to retain 50% of the rewards or contribute 100% to your causes. That's right causes. You don't have to just sign up and support just one cause. Most of us have different causes we give to every year: schools, charities, church, service organizations, etc.. You can include them all in your profile and choose which one you want to benefit each time you shop. Make every purchase make a difference!

It's simple to affect positive change — just by shopping for things you are going to buy anyway.
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